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I’ve been a Pittsburgh fan for over 25 years since back in the first grade.  It was one of those silly things kids do; pick a favorite team off the side of a lunch box.  I picked Pittsburgh, received criticism from my classmate, and have stuck to my guns ever since.  I live in Seattle.  The past couple of years have been pretty exciting and this year topped them all.  The excitement of living in a town with a championship contender is something that needs to be experienced to appreciate.  So, I was torn in this game.  I really just wanted to see a competitive game with a clear winner.  Unfortunately, this game did not deliver.

If you have ever played a console football game (Madden is my choice), you should understand my analogy. The game felt like I was playing Seattle against Pittsburgh on the All-Madden difficulty level.

Seattle did not play up to the level they could have.  Pittsburgh capitalized when they needed to.  Both teams made some good plays and missed some opportunities as happens in any football game.  Ultimately, however, this game was decided by a handful of officiating calls that were questionable at best.  What made it worse was that all of these calls influenced plays in the end zone or around the goal line.

What we are left with is a Super Bowl victory that felt awarded rather than earned.


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