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So, my brother gave me NCAA Football 08 for the XBox 360 some time ago.  I’m not a really big college football fan, so my time with the game has been bursty at best.  Well, I racked up a bunch of achievements and decided to push out the rest so I could get the game "wrapped up" and out of my collection.
One of the more time consuming achievements is "1-Star into 6-Star".  You have to take a 1-Star team (like, say Army) and turn it into a college football powerhouse 6-Star team (like USC).  It involves multiple winning seasons with your program as you slowly build a reputation as a team to be reckoned with.  There are 12 to 14 games in a season and AT LEAST five seasons of play to move from the cellar to the pinnacle of college football achivement.  Each game will take about an hour to play.  Do the math.
So I sim it.
I chose Western Michigan University as they are the highest rated 1-Star team.  I got to this one point in the middle of the 2010 season where I had to go on the road against an unranked 4-3 Alabama team and just hit a wall.  Because I had been simming, I had not lost a game yet – 2007: undefeated (Rose Bowl champion), 2008: undefeated (National Champion), 2009: undefeated (Fiesta Bowl champion).  I did have to reload and sim a few games a couple of times to accomplish this feat (in particular the BCS championship game against Ohio State), but by and large I was able to just sim-save-sim-save.  I had to sim the game against Alabama somewhere close to 60 times to get a positive result.
I was ecstatic and went to save my dynasty while discussing my day at work with my lovely wife.  Then I realized I was looking at the New Dynasty screen.
I had essentially just failed to save an hour of simulating and lost my hard fought (simmed) win against the Crimson Tide.
Thankfully, I only needed five or six "re-sims" to get the win out of the schedule.  Otherwise, I would have had to play the game and pummel Alabama into the stone age.
Which wouldn’t have been all that bad, come to think of it…

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