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I think it’s fair to say that I’ve caught World Cup Fever.  I’ve probably watched more soccer during this World Cup than in my whole prior life in total.  There have been some good games and some not, but I’ve definitely got the bug.
Naturally, I’ve been playing some FIFA Soccer 09 during World Cup matches.
FIFA Soccer 09 is the only soccer game I’ve got.  I picked it up after watching a few European games last year (in particular the European Cup between Barcelona and Manchester United).  I spent a few days playing it after I picked it up.  But I drifted away from it.  Lately, I’ve been playing it like mad and I’m sorry I didn’t stick with it last year.
Most of my loss of interest was just a result of not understanding the controls.  For starters, the shot on goal controls took some time to figure out.  Even after nailing that down, crossing takes some time to master.  Free kicks and penalty kicks take even longer.  Shooting can be practised in the arena – a free roam waiting area before making a menu selection in the game.  Unfortunately, free kicks are only tested against the keeper without a wall and corners cannot be practised at all.  (This is fixed in FIFA 10).
Well, my soccer fever allowed me to work up the learning curve to a plateau of football enjoyment.  Truthfully, I have had a hard time putting the game down and I have already plowed through an entire, un-simmed management season.  Throw in Ultimate Team – a sort of Magic the Gathering meetings soccer – and there is so much game here I’ll be hard pressed to justify the purchase of FIFA 10 or 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Nah…I’m sure I’ll find a way.

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