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Here is the text of a comment I sent to my representative in the House of Representatives, Representative Jay Inslee (D):

Mr. Inslee,

I encourage you to vote against H.R.3 – The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.  While I agree with some of the provisions of the bill, they cannot be accepted at face value in a vacuum.

For instance, I don’t generally approve of federal funds being spent to pay for abortions, not because of any religious conviction but because I don’t think that’s the federal government’s business.  However, what are active-duty, female, service members supposed to do if federal funding for abortions is completely cut-off?  I’m sure abortion options are extremely limited for a service member on assignment in Afghanistan.  An exception would need to be made here for our most valuable citizens.

Also, certain federally funded organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, would be prohibited from performing abortion services.  If you were able to arrange cessation of federal funding for Planned Parenthood, this would not be an issue.  As the current environment exists, however, low-income women – women that are precisely in a financial position that makes child bearing and caring a difficult proposition – would be left with few options to address an untimely pregnancy.

Finally, health insurance plans that take advantage of tax shelters such as Health Savings Accounts would also be targeted by the legislation.  I think it’s fair for the government to elect to not fund abortions for non-federal employees.  However, it’s unconscionable to think that the government is going to take less of MY MONEY if I choose a health care plan that does not provide abortion coverage.

I trust I’ve made my position clear and given you ample reason to not vote for H.R.3 – The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.


Jim Williams

This is honestly my first correspondence with any of my representatives at any level.  While I certainly welcome any discourse on the opinion, I’m really looking for feedback on my communication.  Is it effective?  Does it get the point across?  Is this an acceptable format and length?


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