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The big achievement for today was actually an achievement.  I got The Peterson achievement today ahead of my planned schedule.  Fifty hours of FIFA Soccer 09 – crazy.  It’s the last achievement I can get for the game since the EA servers supporting the game were turned off earlier this year.

My playtime was interrupted when my daughters broke the toilet seat connectors in the upstairs common bathroom wrestling over who was going to get a particular orange towel.  I had to run to Home Depot to get replacement parts and fix the toilet seat.  A small kink in the day.

The rest of the day was just hanging out with the family.  We watched Family Guy’s Blue Harvest and Something, Something Dark Side, parodies of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  The movies are hilariously inappropriate like all Family Guy episodes.  The blu-ray set has profanity, so be advised.  I read some of my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition Player’s Handbook and hit some roleplaying-focused blogs during the movies.  At 9 PM, we switched over to the Discovery channel to watch Shark Week.


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The family had a great Saturday.  Jen and I got up a little later than planned so we didn’t get done with our “morning” news reading and get-the-day-going routine until about 12:30.  Everybody worked hard on the yard today.  We had to pull about 50 square feet of raspberry bushes and other weeds from our back yard and got the lawn mowed.

I barbequed some awesome chicken and we ate dinner out on our back deck – it was a gorgeous day.  Jen and I had a bottle of 2010 Chateau St. Michelle Midsummer’s White Limited Release we picked up a few weeks ago and we enjoyed the sun until it retreated behind the trees here in aptly named Woodinville.

The kids enjoyed the TV for a little while until Jen put in Just Go With It with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  If you’ve seen one Adam Sandler film, you’ve seen them all but it was a cute movie.  Sandler and Aniston had great on-screen chemistry and the main theme of be true, especially to yourself, at least has value.

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It was a late night yesterday – up until nearly 2 AM watching movies – so it was a late morning.  I had some coffee and caught up on some blogs and email before the inevitable, planned run to Home Depot at about 1:30.  I needed to replace a shower door sweep and the shower valves in the master bath to fix the leaking shower faucet that is starting to add up on the monthly water bill.  My house fu is not so good; it was fixing to be a bad day.

I purchased a new strip for the door sweep and some valve wrenches.  I worked on the door sweep for a little while until I could turn the water off (other chores going on).  Unfortunately, my silicone sealant had oozed out the back over my caulk gun and I had to spend quite a bit of time getting that fixed.  With no sealant for the door sweep, I moved onto the valves.

The hot water valve came out with little work.  The cold water valve was…difficult.  The home is about 35 years old.  Corrosion is everywhere on the plumbing.  I really had to work hard to get the cold water valve out.  That’s when I noticed what I thought was a part missing from the hot water valve.  It turns out the faucet seat came out with the cold water valve – it turns out this is not normal – but I didn’t know any better and thought I had broken something.  I got it straightened out though – I now own a seat wrench that I’ll probably never use again – and bought a pair of replacement valves with the help of the Home Depot staff.  The replacement was pretty simple once the valves and seats were removed.  I was able to take a hot shower this evening without any leaking in the plumbing and without any leaking from the faucet once I was done.  I did probably met my annual quota for profanity today however.

Relaxed with some pizza for dinner and a few brews.  Watched the last two-thirds of My Sister’s Keeper.  It’s a movie about a girl who was largely, or at least partly, conceived to provide donor assistance for her sister.  She sues her family to become medically emancipated, which is really just a cover so the dying sister can die.  The court battle is the McGuffin that drives the meat of the movie – coming to terms with the inevitable death of a child and the powerlessness that goes with that.  It’s got a few tear jerking moments if you have kids or if anyone close to you has died from some debilitating disease.  Not bad.  Not uplifting though.

Also so Up in the Air with George Clooney.  The movie was OK.  The downer near the end of the movie, which I knew was coming in some form, really took it down a peg for me.  I do not have a poet’s heart or mind, so the happy ending was lost on me until my wife pointed out other opinions voiced online.

I also read some more of The City of Towers.  It’s moving pretty quick.  I should have it done soon.

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I was a few games behind my hour-a-day pace in FIFA Soccer 09 that will allow me to finish The Peterson achievement by August 2nd.  I got up early this morning, so I knocked out the remainder of my first season managing Chester in Coca Cola League 2.  I finished at the top of the table and won the league title.  I was promoted up to Coca Cola League 1 of course, and I’m ready to start the new season with about £2 million available for transfers and staff upgrades.  I still need to knock out 11 matches today to get back on schedule.

I have a long honey-do list that I’ve been putting off.  I went to Home Depot to pick up a replacement basket strainer for my kitchen sink and O’Reilly Auto Parts for replacement wipers for my wife’s Hyundai Santa Fe.

The basket strainer took some work because the corrosion prevented me from just unscrewing the mounting nut (it’s been sitting half torn apart for several weeks).  My wife helped me restrain the strainer while I used a hammer and screw driver to pound the mounting nut loose.  Thankfully the replacement fit like a glove and I didn’t need to adjust any PVC pipe.

The wipers were a piece of cake but really needed to be done given the frequent rain we get up here in the Seattle area.  The driver’s side wiper had broken and was just flopping back and forth when in use.

I didn’t get back to FIFA Soccer 09 but I did spend some time on my PC playing with Football Manager 2011.  Man, is this a complicated game.  I’m not sure where to start.  I’ve been searching online for some guidance.  Please leave a comment if you have any recommendations – maybe just a few check lists (meet with manager, sort first team, etc.).

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