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I was a few games behind my hour-a-day pace in FIFA Soccer 09 that will allow me to finish The Peterson achievement by August 2nd.  I got up early this morning, so I knocked out the remainder of my first season managing Chester in Coca Cola League 2.  I finished at the top of the table and won the league title.  I was promoted up to Coca Cola League 1 of course, and I’m ready to start the new season with about £2 million available for transfers and staff upgrades.  I still need to knock out 11 matches today to get back on schedule.

I have a long honey-do list that I’ve been putting off.  I went to Home Depot to pick up a replacement basket strainer for my kitchen sink and O’Reilly Auto Parts for replacement wipers for my wife’s Hyundai Santa Fe.

The basket strainer took some work because the corrosion prevented me from just unscrewing the mounting nut (it’s been sitting half torn apart for several weeks).  My wife helped me restrain the strainer while I used a hammer and screw driver to pound the mounting nut loose.  Thankfully the replacement fit like a glove and I didn’t need to adjust any PVC pipe.

The wipers were a piece of cake but really needed to be done given the frequent rain we get up here in the Seattle area.  The driver’s side wiper had broken and was just flopping back and forth when in use.

I didn’t get back to FIFA Soccer 09 but I did spend some time on my PC playing with Football Manager 2011.  Man, is this a complicated game.  I’m not sure where to start.  I’ve been searching online for some guidance.  Please leave a comment if you have any recommendations – maybe just a few check lists (meet with manager, sort first team, etc.).


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Wow…another busy day.

I woke up earlier today as my wife and I had plans.  I did get a few matches in with my FIFA Soccer 09 team (Chester in the Coca-Cola 2 league – looking for promotion).  I won my first 1-0 and lost my second 1-0.  I’m now 1-2-2 with three goals in my last five matches.  Something has got to change there but I’m still at the top of the table.

Plans…my wife and I hooked up with some friends, another couple.  Julie works at Chateau St. Michelle – well technically this is her last weekend – and her husband, Shane, and I work together.  So, we got in on a members tasting and had several tastes.  We wound up picking up seven bottles of wine, several Rieslings and a few Merlots.  We picked up lunch on the way home for the family and after we finished that took a nap.

After waking up, I wanted to take advantage of the rest of the sun for the day and went on a bike ride.  Did a 21 mile loop with some killer hills in about an hour and 40 minutes.  (Boy my legs are tired!)  It was a gorgeous day and a great ride.

The family had a light dinner because of the late, heavy lunch.  My girls have been working coloring and building Adventure Time 3D paper dolls while watching Adventure Time while Jen watched over them and did her web surfing thing.  I wrapped up my day with a new PC game – Neverwinter Nights 2.

I made a paladin (naturally, for those that know me).  It’s a pretty interesting game so far in the tutorial.  Gonna win that Harvest Cup!

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I picked up the Half-Life Complete bundle on Steam this past weekend.  I played Half-Life to completion years ago when it first game out, maybe Half-Life: Blue Shift and Half-Life: Opposing Force as well.  I can’t recall though.  Anyway, the original was certainly great the first time through and it’s still fun ten years later.  Some gotchas I remembered, some I didn’t to my detriment.  Smile  I’ve made it to the large tentacle monster in the reactor.  I remember him being a bit of a challenge.  We’ll see whether or not I can remember the routine.

I’m really interested in making it through the three Half-Life games again so I can move on to the Half-Life 2, which I have NOT played.

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