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Very muggy today.  So muggy, I think it impacted my run this morning.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on my Xbox lately.  I warmed up Darksiders, which I haven’t played in a while.  Since I’m achievement hunting, I’m playing on Apocalypse difficulty.  This is pretty hard, especially after several months hiatus.  No matter…I did some in-game calisthenics and got to work.  I made it through the Iron Canopy without too much trouble and I’m now going back to clean up and collect missed items.

The family also played a game of Cranium: Disney Family Edition.  The first lap went quickly, so we just kept playing – a second lap of the board essentially.  It was very competitive but Rachel and I just barely beat out Madison and my wife, Jennifer.  It was a fun two hours though!


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The big achievement for today was actually an achievement.  I got The Peterson achievement today ahead of my planned schedule.  Fifty hours of FIFA Soccer 09 – crazy.  It’s the last achievement I can get for the game since the EA servers supporting the game were turned off earlier this year.

My playtime was interrupted when my daughters broke the toilet seat connectors in the upstairs common bathroom wrestling over who was going to get a particular orange towel.  I had to run to Home Depot to get replacement parts and fix the toilet seat.  A small kink in the day.

The rest of the day was just hanging out with the family.  We watched Family Guy’s Blue Harvest and Something, Something Dark Side, parodies of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  The movies are hilariously inappropriate like all Family Guy episodes.  The blu-ray set has profanity, so be advised.  I read some of my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition Player’s Handbook and hit some roleplaying-focused blogs during the movies.  At 9 PM, we switched over to the Discovery channel to watch Shark Week.

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I finished The City of Towers last night.  I had pretty much wrapped it up and just needed to finish reading through the appendices for good measure.  Gotta be thorough.  Smile  No I can move on to The Terror by Dan Simmons.  It’s a horror/thriller set against the backdrop of a mid 18th-century expedition in search of the Northwest Passage.

I got a lot done this week at work and it’s looking like I’ll get more tasks wrapped up next week.  I’ve had a number of long brewing projects and tasks that have been percolating so it’ll be a lifting of some burden.

Got some more FIFA Soccer 09 in today.  I think I’m on schedule to get The Peterson by August 2nd.  I may even get it this weekend if I knuckle down in the evening or if the weather turns foul.

Also watched a few movies tonight with the family.  We watched Willow with the girls.  They liked it.  I haven’t seen it in years but it’s a great fantasy film that’s tween appropriate.  Jen and I also watched John Carpenter’s The Fog from 1980 (I think a remake has been made recently).  It was OK.  Probably a little more scary 30 years ago.  Not bad.

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I went for a run after work.  I figured I’d do a speed run.  My speed runs aren’t usually wind sprints or fartleks.  I normally just run a 5k as fast as I can.  Well, I busted out a personal best recorded mile-over-mile time since I left the army back in ‘95: 6:52 average mile time over 3.03 miles.  Yes!

After my shower, I logged 30 more minutes of FIFA Soccer 09.  I realized today that I had neglected the 50 minutes I had logged in online play, so that made up for the day I missed Tuesday.  Yes!

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight – I work an early shift to see my girls home and my wife works the later shift to see them off in the morning – so we went to our favorite restaurant: J.J. Mahoney’s.  I had the Chicken & Bacon Ranch, which I hadn’t had in years.  I don’t remember it being so delicious and I think I’ll be getting it again on those nights when I might have ordered a salad instead.  Yes!

Jen and I wrapped up the evening watching John Carpenter’s The Thing.  Creepy, psychological thriller/horror and one of my all-time favorites.  Yes!

…and tomorrow is Friday!


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I ran again today…a shade over five miles.  I was getting tired toward the end of it but kept a good pace.

I didn’t play any FIFA Soccer 09 yesterday so I had some time to make up to meet my August 2nd deadline for The Peterson achievement.  I was able to get nine matches knocked out before dinner.  My wife and I then watched The Thin Red Line this evening.  Boy is that a horrible movie.  Arthouse crap if I’ve ever seen it.  If the director was trying to capture the tedious boredom often associated with military service, mission accomplished!

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I watched a little TV today (actually, TV shows on Netflix) – The Incredible Hulk from the 70’s and Iron Man: Extremis, a moving animation cartoon.  Iron Man: Extremis was a pretty cool story.

I also played a few games of FIFA Soccer 09 to stay on pace and busted out The Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion, which I haven’t played in forever.  The achievements are easy to get but very time consuming.

Feeling a little tired tonight, though.  I didn’t sleep at all last night.  I may just go upstairs and read until I pass out.

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It was really sunny today in the Seattle area.  Some might say I wasted it but I had a good day.

I logged 310 minutes in FIFA Soccer 09 toward The Peterson achievement.  The last time I played was on Monday, so I was pretty far behind.  All caught up now.  I setup an exhibition match and just played a rematch until I was finished.  My left thumb is sore…

I also watched a few more movies tonight – one fun, one not so fun.

From Paris with Love was a fun watch.  A bit cheesy and over the top but fun to watch.  Action, action, and more action with a plausible plot.

Doubt…great performances and I can see the good screenplay in there.  The subject matter is, of course, uncomfortable though and the movie is otherwise not much to talk about.  If pedophilia perpetrated by the clergy and cover up by the Catholic church is a surprise to you, you’ve been living under a rock.

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