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I went for a run after work.  I figured I’d do a speed run.  My speed runs aren’t usually wind sprints or fartleks.  I normally just run a 5k as fast as I can.  Well, I busted out a personal best recorded mile-over-mile time since I left the army back in ‘95: 6:52 average mile time over 3.03 miles.  Yes!

After my shower, I logged 30 more minutes of FIFA Soccer 09.  I realized today that I had neglected the 50 minutes I had logged in online play, so that made up for the day I missed Tuesday.  Yes!

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight – I work an early shift to see my girls home and my wife works the later shift to see them off in the morning – so we went to our favorite restaurant: J.J. Mahoney’s.  I had the Chicken & Bacon Ranch, which I hadn’t had in years.  I don’t remember it being so delicious and I think I’ll be getting it again on those nights when I might have ordered a salad instead.  Yes!

Jen and I wrapped up the evening watching John Carpenter’s The Thing.  Creepy, psychological thriller/horror and one of my all-time favorites.  Yes!

…and tomorrow is Friday!



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Went to the family’s favorite restaurant tonight – J.J. Mahoney’s.  The Manchester United – Seattle Sounders friendly was playing so the place was a little crowded for a Wednesday night.  I had Cod Tacos with a spicy chipotle mayonnaise.  Yum!  Unfortunately, Man U was up 1-0 by the time we left and it just got worse.  I actually forgot my work ID at the restaurant and it took 30 minutes for the Sounders fall behind 3-0.  I hope they at least scored one goal.

I got home later (since I had to pick up my badge) and the family was watching Rango.  Pretty cool little movie.  The main character’s a loser at the beginning but he grows through the movie and the step-in villain, Jake the Snake, is really cool.

Time to settle down and read some of The City of Towers, a novel set in Eberron written by Keith Baker.

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