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I went for a run after work.  I figured I’d do a speed run.  My speed runs aren’t usually wind sprints or fartleks.  I normally just run a 5k as fast as I can.  Well, I busted out a personal best recorded mile-over-mile time since I left the army back in ‘95: 6:52 average mile time over 3.03 miles.  Yes!

After my shower, I logged 30 more minutes of FIFA Soccer 09.  I realized today that I had neglected the 50 minutes I had logged in online play, so that made up for the day I missed Tuesday.  Yes!

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight – I work an early shift to see my girls home and my wife works the later shift to see them off in the morning – so we went to our favorite restaurant: J.J. Mahoney’s.  I had the Chicken & Bacon Ranch, which I hadn’t had in years.  I don’t remember it being so delicious and I think I’ll be getting it again on those nights when I might have ordered a salad instead.  Yes!

Jen and I wrapped up the evening watching John Carpenter’s The Thing.  Creepy, psychological thriller/horror and one of my all-time favorites.  Yes!

…and tomorrow is Friday!



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I ran again today…a shade over five miles.  I was getting tired toward the end of it but kept a good pace.

I didn’t play any FIFA Soccer 09 yesterday so I had some time to make up to meet my August 2nd deadline for The Peterson achievement.  I was able to get nine matches knocked out before dinner.  My wife and I then watched The Thin Red Line this evening.  Boy is that a horrible movie.  Arthouse crap if I’ve ever seen it.  If the director was trying to capture the tedious boredom often associated with military service, mission accomplished!

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Nearly done with The City of Towers.  Really I just have to read the appendix – a guide to Eberron of sorts.  The story was very good and it kept me engaged.  Fantasy fiction can be difficult to read if there are a lot of action scenes but The City of Towers read more like a thriller or mystery.  I’ll be getting the next book from the library once I finish The Terror.

I did my five mile run today.  It’s hilly but I was able to keep a 7:40 mile pace.  Not bad.

I also watched We Were Soldiers with my wife tonight.  We had seen it before many years ago.  It seems a very realistic depiction of the first major battle of the Vietnam War.  But it’s not just about the battle.  It’s about the loyalty that Lt. Colonel Harry Moore commanded of his men and the impact to the families back home that would be the tip of the iceberg.  It’s up there with Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers as far as a quality, impactful war film goes.

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Red Run

Watched Red tonight for the first time.  The movie stars Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban, Morgan Freeman, and several others in a story about a group of retired CIA black ops specialists forced to take the fight back to their employers after they are deemed Code RED (Retired: Extremely Dangerous).  It’s a fun movie that goes over the top sometimes but never stops being entertaining or – because the cast is so awesome – engaging.  There are a few reality holes but if you sit back and try to enjoy yourself, you will.  And it’s still cool to see a 55 year old Bruce Willis kick ass.

I also went on my typical run late this afternoon (about 4.85 miles).  I was hoping to do my 10k loop (6.22 miles for you non-metric folks) but my legs were really tight from the knees down.  I did a short but strenuous hike on Monday, hills on Tuesday, and about 90 minutes of basketball on Wednesday.  My knees, shins, and ankles just didn’t want to take anymore.  Tomorrow’s a day off before…I don’t know…another hike or maybe a bike ride on Saturday.

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