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The big achievement for today was actually an achievement.  I got The Peterson achievement today ahead of my planned schedule.  Fifty hours of FIFA Soccer 09 – crazy.  It’s the last achievement I can get for the game since the EA servers supporting the game were turned off earlier this year.

My playtime was interrupted when my daughters broke the toilet seat connectors in the upstairs common bathroom wrestling over who was going to get a particular orange towel.  I had to run to Home Depot to get replacement parts and fix the toilet seat.  A small kink in the day.

The rest of the day was just hanging out with the family.  We watched Family Guy’s Blue Harvest and Something, Something Dark Side, parodies of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  The movies are hilariously inappropriate like all Family Guy episodes.  The blu-ray set has profanity, so be advised.  I read some of my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition Player’s Handbook and hit some roleplaying-focused blogs during the movies.  At 9 PM, we switched over to the Discovery channel to watch Shark Week.


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I’ve been reading chunks and swaths of this book for a week or so.  But I think I’m going to hunker down and try to read the whole thing.  I’m sure it’ll be a fun read.

I’ve been amazed at some of – what must seem in hindsight – gaping holes in design logic.  Questions like: What is the experience value for a +1 arrow?  What effect does Symbol of Pain have on monsters (particularly the –2 to Dexterity)?  Why doesn’t the Druid have access to the Reincarnate spell?

I’d like to take some sensibilities from other editions and run a D&D 2nd Edition game again someday.  We’ll see how far I can get before I move on to some other hobby.

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I FINALLY got an eBay order in the mail placed over two weeks ago.  USPS apparently messed up the shipment somehow.  Anyway, I received the following, all shrink-wrapped:

  • ALQ1 Golden Voyages (Al Qadim)
  • Player’s Secrets of Ariya (Birthright)
  • Warlock of the Stonecrowns (Birthright)
  • Elminster’s Ecologies: Appendix II
  • SJQ1 Heart of the Enemy (Spelljammer)

This gives me two shrink-wrapped copies of Player’s Secrets of Ariya and Warlock of the Stonecrowns.  I think I’ll bust them open and keep a shrink-wrapped copy of each spare for now.

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