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This is making the rounds today.  My two cents…

Proposals one and two, suggesting judicial term limits and Congressional override of judicial decisions, are just silly.  The Senate already has the power to impeach.  I don’t see why this can’t be applied to judges overstepping their authority.

Point three, repealing the 16th Amendment that explicitly allows Congress to collect income tax, is superfluous and I don’t know why it exists frankly.  Sections 7 and 8 of Article I of the Constitution already give Congress the power to raise revenue.

Point four – discussing election laws for Senators – right on.  The 17th Amendment effectively took power from the states.  The states are supposed to serve as a check and balance to the federal government.

Proposal five I support in principal – the rest of us have to make due with a balanced budget.  I don’t see why our government shouldn’t.  But restricting the government’s ability to issue debt may have large, unforeseen consequences.

Points six and seven are big reasons I can’t stand the Republican party.  The party talks about state’s rights and keeping the federal government out our lives and then try to tell us how to live (marriage laws) and what to do with our bodies (abortion).


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