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I finished The City of Towers last night.  I had pretty much wrapped it up and just needed to finish reading through the appendices for good measure.  Gotta be thorough.  Smile  No I can move on to The Terror by Dan Simmons.  It’s a horror/thriller set against the backdrop of a mid 18th-century expedition in search of the Northwest Passage.

I got a lot done this week at work and it’s looking like I’ll get more tasks wrapped up next week.  I’ve had a number of long brewing projects and tasks that have been percolating so it’ll be a lifting of some burden.

Got some more FIFA Soccer 09 in today.  I think I’m on schedule to get The Peterson by August 2nd.  I may even get it this weekend if I knuckle down in the evening or if the weather turns foul.

Also watched a few movies tonight with the family.  We watched Willow with the girls.  They liked it.  I haven’t seen it in years but it’s a great fantasy film that’s tween appropriate.  Jen and I also watched John Carpenter’s The Fog from 1980 (I think a remake has been made recently).  It was OK.  Probably a little more scary 30 years ago.  Not bad.


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Nearly done with The City of Towers.  Really I just have to read the appendix – a guide to Eberron of sorts.  The story was very good and it kept me engaged.  Fantasy fiction can be difficult to read if there are a lot of action scenes but The City of Towers read more like a thriller or mystery.  I’ll be getting the next book from the library once I finish The Terror.

I did my five mile run today.  It’s hilly but I was able to keep a 7:40 mile pace.  Not bad.

I also watched We Were Soldiers with my wife tonight.  We had seen it before many years ago.  It seems a very realistic depiction of the first major battle of the Vietnam War.  But it’s not just about the battle.  It’s about the loyalty that Lt. Colonel Harry Moore commanded of his men and the impact to the families back home that would be the tip of the iceberg.  It’s up there with Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers as far as a quality, impactful war film goes.

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I watched a little TV today (actually, TV shows on Netflix) – The Incredible Hulk from the 70’s and Iron Man: Extremis, a moving animation cartoon.  Iron Man: Extremis was a pretty cool story.

I also played a few games of FIFA Soccer 09 to stay on pace and busted out The Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion, which I haven’t played in forever.  The achievements are easy to get but very time consuming.

Feeling a little tired tonight, though.  I didn’t sleep at all last night.  I may just go upstairs and read until I pass out.

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It was a late night yesterday – up until nearly 2 AM watching movies – so it was a late morning.  I had some coffee and caught up on some blogs and email before the inevitable, planned run to Home Depot at about 1:30.  I needed to replace a shower door sweep and the shower valves in the master bath to fix the leaking shower faucet that is starting to add up on the monthly water bill.  My house fu is not so good; it was fixing to be a bad day.

I purchased a new strip for the door sweep and some valve wrenches.  I worked on the door sweep for a little while until I could turn the water off (other chores going on).  Unfortunately, my silicone sealant had oozed out the back over my caulk gun and I had to spend quite a bit of time getting that fixed.  With no sealant for the door sweep, I moved onto the valves.

The hot water valve came out with little work.  The cold water valve was…difficult.  The home is about 35 years old.  Corrosion is everywhere on the plumbing.  I really had to work hard to get the cold water valve out.  That’s when I noticed what I thought was a part missing from the hot water valve.  It turns out the faucet seat came out with the cold water valve – it turns out this is not normal – but I didn’t know any better and thought I had broken something.  I got it straightened out though – I now own a seat wrench that I’ll probably never use again – and bought a pair of replacement valves with the help of the Home Depot staff.  The replacement was pretty simple once the valves and seats were removed.  I was able to take a hot shower this evening without any leaking in the plumbing and without any leaking from the faucet once I was done.  I did probably met my annual quota for profanity today however.

Relaxed with some pizza for dinner and a few brews.  Watched the last two-thirds of My Sister’s Keeper.  It’s a movie about a girl who was largely, or at least partly, conceived to provide donor assistance for her sister.  She sues her family to become medically emancipated, which is really just a cover so the dying sister can die.  The court battle is the McGuffin that drives the meat of the movie – coming to terms with the inevitable death of a child and the powerlessness that goes with that.  It’s got a few tear jerking moments if you have kids or if anyone close to you has died from some debilitating disease.  Not bad.  Not uplifting though.

Also so Up in the Air with George Clooney.  The movie was OK.  The downer near the end of the movie, which I knew was coming in some form, really took it down a peg for me.  I do not have a poet’s heart or mind, so the happy ending was lost on me until my wife pointed out other opinions voiced online.

I also read some more of The City of Towers.  It’s moving pretty quick.  I should have it done soon.

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I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately.  Tonight…

  • The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior – Boy, was this a stinker.  When your headliner is a UFC cage fighter, you’re really managing your expectations.  I’m surprised this was released to the theaters.  Poor script, poor acting, poor special effects – this looked like something you’d catch on the SciFi channel at 2 AM staring Dean Cain.
  • The Last House on the Left (1972) – Another poor movie (my wife and I were looking for a theme night I guess).  The movie couldn’t decide if it was going to be a thriller or a comedy.  There are some graphic scenes (70’s nudity and all that – not in a good way in this movie, either) but it’s paired with a couple of moronic cops that appear only to lighten the mood and a soundtrack that, while dated, still doesn’t fit the tone of the film with its lightheartedness.
  • Hollywoodland – Best for last.  Ben Affleck gives a great performance as George Reeves.  The movie is a fictitious investigation of George Reeves death by a two-bit P.I. played by Adrien Brody.  The movie does a great job of painting the picture of a town where the story takes on a life of its own and becomes its own fiction.  In the end, the story boils down to the happiness of the simple things in life.

I also read a little more of The City of Towers.  It’s moving along at a good pace.  I’ll probably finish it in a few days and then I can move onto an other book I got from the library.

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Went to the family’s favorite restaurant tonight – J.J. Mahoney’s.  The Manchester United – Seattle Sounders friendly was playing so the place was a little crowded for a Wednesday night.  I had Cod Tacos with a spicy chipotle mayonnaise.  Yum!  Unfortunately, Man U was up 1-0 by the time we left and it just got worse.  I actually forgot my work ID at the restaurant and it took 30 minutes for the Sounders fall behind 3-0.  I hope they at least scored one goal.

I got home later (since I had to pick up my badge) and the family was watching Rango.  Pretty cool little movie.  The main character’s a loser at the beginning but he grows through the movie and the step-in villain, Jake the Snake, is really cool.

Time to settle down and read some of The City of Towers, a novel set in Eberron written by Keith Baker.

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