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I finished Three Hearts and Three Lions by Poul Anderson today.  It’s a good book that just flew by for me this week.  It is a fantasy story from the burgeoning days of fantasy writing (it was published in 1961).  I suppose it could be considered a classic of sorts.

The book tells the story of Holger Carlsen, a man caught between our world and another, fantastical one with faeries, dragons, giants, and trolls.  Many of the fantasy tropes recognized by Dungeons & Dragons players must have some origin in this tale, which is itself based somewhat on the tales of earliest medieval France.

It’s a good yarn, in some ways several short tales, and I was reminded fondly of the stories I told and imagined when I was younger.


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Been a few days again.  I’ve been keeping busy with movies, books, and work last Saturday.

Friday night, Jen and I watched Proof of Life and The Crow.  I had seen both before.  Jen had never seen The Crow.  I like Proof of Life.  It’s a movie that moves along for me even though it’s over two hours long.  Plus it ends with a great firefight.  The Crow has lost some of its luster with age.  Jen was pointing out all sorts of dislikes, things I had glossed over when I was younger.  It’s still a fun watch though.

I worked on Saturday and had a generally laid back weekend otherwise.  We watched The Highlander on Sunday.  Again, one I had seen but Jen had not.  Again, she criticized some things I ignored when I was younger.  This is a movie that could benefit from a solid remake (not another sequel, God no).  Great soundtrack though.  That would be hard to replicate.

Last night was Heartbreak Ridge.  Great movie.  There are too many liberties taken with delinquent Marines (in Force Recon no less) and with incompetent, glory-seeking officers.  But Clint Eastwood is so awesome in this movie it’s worth it.

I’ve moved onto the magic items in my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide.  This and the spells appendix in the Player’s Handbook will take some time as they’re reference sections.  I may stop with the first level spells so I can start working on getting a game off the ground.  We’ll see.

I’ve also started reading Poul Anderson’s Three Hearts and Three Lions.  I’ve never read any Poul Anderson or even heard of him.  I’m sure this would get me lynched at a gamer convention but better late than never.

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