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I wasn’t feeling well today so I spent a lot of time watching Netflix on my Xbox today.

Let’s see…Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford.  Great movie, well acted by the principals.  McAdams plays an executive producer for a national morning news show (think The Today Show) that strong arms Ford’s distinguished news caster to co-anchor the program in an effort to boost ratings.  Ford is particularly brilliant, bitter even when he’s being nice and demonstrating why he’s had such a lengthy career.

I also watched Baldr Force EXE.  This is an anime that has a net runner feel to it.  It’s only four episodes, about two hours, and thankfully lacks a lot of the exposition that burdens many anime shows.

I had seen Walking with Dinosaurs when it was first shown on The Discovery channel back when it wasn’t all reality TV like Ice Road Truckers and American Pickers or whatever.  It was worth seeing again.  There’s probably a lot of supposition in the show but it’s still cool to see “real”, “live” dinosaurs.

Finally, I wrapped up the evening with the first episode of The Universe.  I’ve only seen a handful, so the series will be mostly new for me.

I might actually be TV’d out for today!


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